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Name:Rich Night Cream
Retail Price: HK$554
Wholesale Price: HK$388 / RMB¥353 

The nighttime is favorable to compensate the damages caused by environmental aggressors (pollution, cold, wine, sun, make-up). Rich Night Cream will give you a feeling of comfort and richness immediately after application. Its soothing and highly nourishing action will balance and distress your skin, which will then be less sensitive to aggressions. Rich Night Cream has mild formula with precious and botanical essences cotton vegetal cells, coconut virgin oil and inca inchi oil. It contains numerous ingredients well-known for their softness and benefits on your skin.

Usage: After cleansing and toning, apply suitable amount onto your palm and gently massage on your face and neck for moisture and protection

Ingredients: Coconut virgin oil, cotton vegetal cells, glucose complex, aloe vera, chamomile, inca inchi oil, Essential amino acid complex, vitamins D-E-PP

Suitable for: All skin types. Especially good for sensitive skin

Size: 50 ml
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