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Name:Amino Acid Kids

Retail: HK$383
Wholesale: HK$268 / RMB¥244

Product Introduction:
Amino Acid Kids is designed for children's healthy development. In addition to strengthen children's immunity, it helps maintain brain development and enhance children's concentration and learning ability.

Key Benefits:

  •   Maintain the brain development
  •   Strengthen the learning ability and memory
  •   Strengthen immunity
  •   Supply the body nutrition

Main Ingredients:
  •   Amino Acids: Maintain brain health and strengthen immunity
  •   Natural DHA: Helps child’s learning and good for eye sight
  •   Iron’ Zinc and Potassium: Helps brain development, memory, focus and concentration
  •   Vitamin B Group(Rich in Folic Acid): Maintains the health of the brain and nerve function
  •   Probiotics: Maintains the health of the digestive system and improves nutrients absorption

Suitable For: Children older than 3 years old or teenagers

Recommended Usage: 3 tablets per day, chew after the meal.

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